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Management Packages

Mount Everest Plan
$35pw + GST
ZERO Let Fee, Ever!
No postage fees, no statements fees, no inspection fees, no disbursement fees
Exclusive Property Manager Assigned
Thorough Tenant History Searches and Reference Checks
Free Photography
ZERO Let fee Permanently!
Guaranteed Front Page
Highlight Property Upgrade
No-Tenant-No-Fee Policy
Absolutely NO hidden costs (Admin fees, Statement fees etc)

Inclusions and benefits?

This package is arguably one of Australia’s cheapest property management plans. Especially considering we’re assigning you a property manager who has less than 50 properties to manage; when the industry standard for a property manager is 150(+) properties. You’ll notice this difference when our property managers remember your name and the details of your property off-by-heart.

We’re also including photography for absolutely nothing to ensure that when the property hits the market, it’s looking it’s absolute best.


Who does it suit?

This plan is a good all-rounder and was designed to suit all properties, great and small. Low (up to $400) and High-Range ($700+) properties can all benefit significantly from this incredibly well priced plan, potentially saving you $1000’s per year. We are combining this plan with the all-inclusive marketing package to get you off and running without a hitch. Signboards, brochures, letterbox drops, advertising with a free Highlight Upgrade, you get it all!

Inclusions and benefits?

This plan was specifically designed for the set and forget property investor and the landlord of any property, but particularly the investor who feels his or her property may need to be re-let a little more regularly; with ZERO “Let Fee” costs ever this package will likely save you hundreds upon hundreds per year. Also, High Resolution Photography and our all-Inclusive marketing package is included. An allocated property manager who has less than 50 properties under management will be yours too. This ensures exclusivity, personalised service and regular property inspections are adhered to.


Who does it suit?

Typically this package is elected for properties with an estimated rent over $450 per week and one that will be let to new tenants quite regularly (eg, Uni Students and so on). With the average agencies let fee being around 8% per week, this plan saves you money each week in addition to the above mentioned inclusions for absolutely nothing. This is the choice for the investor who doesn’t want to have to worry about re-letting a property to new tenants at any stage, as there is never (no, not ever!) a let fee. Set and forget at just $35 per week with NO hidden fees.

Already with an Agency?


Drop us a line! That’s the first step in the process so we know who you are currently with and can learn about what you’d like to achieve from your investment portfolio. We’re here to make it easier for you to grow it!


You can choose to either write a quick email to your current agency yourself, or ask us to do it for you. Once this notice has gone to your current agency, we take care of the rest. We establish a date for the handover, and move on to the next and last step.


We love this part!… After collecting the keys and files from your current agency on a mutually agreed date, we head on over to the property to meet the tenants! This is always great fun and the majority of the time the tenants sigh a breath of relief to be moving to our office and we never go empty handed; it’s important to us to kick-start the tenant’s relationship well and a bottle of red or white wine always seems to do the trick! We give them the new Trust Account details for their rent and that’s the only change they have to make. Easy done!


DONE! Welcome to Peak Property Management. Happy tenant, happy owners, happy us. We know you’ll really appreciate the more intimate relationship you’ll have with us, you’ll never feel like “just another number” in a large office again.

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