Meet the Team

Our Approach

Our approach truly is simple. We provide high quality service, at an extremely affordably and fair price. With our flat-rate structure, you’ll never again pay exorbitant fees to have your investment cared for. There is no justification in a $450pw home having higher management costs than a $250pw home as they both take the same time to manage. This is why we moved away from the percentage-based method.

We’ve also capped our property managers at just 50 properties each. When the industry average is 150+ per manager, it means that our service is far more personalised and tailored for you. Never again will you have to “go through reception” simply to get a hold of your property manager – just call them directly on their mobile number!


We're Hiring

We’re offering great opportunities for Property Managers part- and full-time to have a much more maintainable portfolio. Apply within.


John Pownall

John is our Licensee and an adventure sport enthusiast. When he is not on the road helping our clients he is hanging off cliff faces, riding his motorbike or jumping out of planes.

Fun stuff aside, John has been in the industry for over 12 years now. All 12+ of which has not just been at idle pace; John has achieved many national sales awards and broken numerous team records across various offices in Brisbane. Education has always been a factor too, with a multitude of sales and management training courses under his belt he’s more than fit (pun not intended) to lead the Peak Property team.

Sally Gamble
Management Professional

Sally is a Management Professional on the Peak Property team. She is a proud mother and is passionate about helping people and providing outstanding customer service. She looks after an exclusive portfolio of properties on our rent role and does so with her many years of experience in the industry. Sally’s attention to detail is second-to-none and this is obvious with her numerous testimonials that we receive weekly.

Sally is a true treasure to have on the team and is an absolute star at what she does. If you need anything regarding property management, Sally is the lady in the know!

Beth Watkins
Management Professional

Beth is one of our Management Specialists. At the drop of a hat, Beth is always there to assist her tenants and owners providing world-class service. She also has a memory like a fox! Which really assists her in knowing everything about your investment property.

Beth primarily looks after our inner-city and Northern suburb properties as she herself lives in the Northern suburbs. Beth has been in the industry for a long time now, longer than she cares to admit. She’s also a fan of Pilates and anything health-related, so don’t ask her if she wants a french-fry!

Rochelle Davis
Team Assistant

Rochelle is our Team Assistant and the best there is. Most know, that there is always one person in a business who they’d consider the fuel that keeps the office running; Rochelle is that person to Peak Property.

With far too much experience to begin to list, Rochelle brings it all to the team and is extremely professional whilst at the same time always being keen for a laugh with our clients. Keeping the fun alive, we thank Rochelle everyday for being a part of the team! Oh, and if you bring a puppy to the office, she’ll likely not let you leave – be warned!